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D1 (FC-WA). Fractional calculus, Wavelet analysis and Applications;:

       i. (cFC) Clasic;

       ii. (vFC) Variational;

       iii. (FCts) Time scales;

       iv. (cWA) Clasic;

       v. (aWA) Current

D2 (EA). Evolutionary algorithms and applications:

    i. (cEA) Classical (genetic algorithms with probabilistically or statistically modelled populations, intelligent particles - ant colonies);

    ii. (GP) Genetic programming;

    iii. (GE) Grammatical Evolution.

D3 (GRS). Generally harsh crowds, hybridizations, and new approximation spaces;:

    i. (sGRS) GRS in "near" classical approximation spaces (relational spaces, "pseudo-topological" spaces) and applications;

    ii. (hGRS) GRS-FS (Fuzzy Sets) hybridizations and applications;

    iii. (gGRS) GRS in graphs and applications: eLearning game RKGF (Rough Kernel Graph Frontiers) and so on;

    iv. (G&GM) Graphs, generalized matrices and applications: BlockChains (BC) representations respectively Internet of Things (IoT) and so on;

    v. (gmGRS) GRS in GM and applications.

D4 (GT). D4. Innovative Game Theory Techniques and Application;:  

    i. (fcDG) Aspects of fractional calculus in differential games;

    ii. (eaG) Evolutionary aspects in game theory;

    iii. (grsGn) GRS aspects in networked games;

    iv. (qG) Quantum game theory.

D5 (DA&IS). Data Analysis and Information Security in electronic format: Cryptanalysis and cryptography; Cyber security.:

    i. (DA) Multi-form analysis - including statistical analysis of data;

    ii. (IS) Cryptology: cryptanalysis and cryptography;

    iii. (CySec) Cybersecurity;

    iv. (TechSec) New security technologies based on hardware devices and post-quantum cryptography.